Chairman’s Profile

A. Vinaykant is the Group Chairman of Primacy Group of Companies; a large Multi-business enterprise with diversified interests in Africa, Asia, Europe and US.

B. Vinaykant was born in Tanzania, grew up in Tanzania and London, and was educated in London. His father, Vinaykant was a successful trader in Tanzania and India. A graduate in Commerce and Accounting from the UK, A.Vinaykant has enjoyed demonstrable entrepreneurial success, operating at an international level for more than four decades.

Being a renowned business leader with a primary focus on Africa, Asia and Europe, A. Vinaykant built a fledgling business enterprise after deciding to pursue business soon after his graduation. Since then, he has been instrumental in promoting a diversified enterprise encompassing large-scale businesses.

As the Chairman of Primacy Group of Companies, he spearheads the sustained development of a highly reputed organization in the most complex markets operating multiple business lines. The summation of his efforts led to the rapid evolvement of a substantial business enterprise.

His focus is now heavily oriented towards building large-scale local industries in Africa, deploying most recent technologies and collaborating with renowned international companies.

Over the years, A. Vinaykant developed relationships with international companies and institutions in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA, resulting in the exponential growth of the businesses. His long-standing reputation with globally acclaimed suppliers and principals has been critical to the group’s sustained growth over the years. The group is also associated with several multinational banks and regional financial institutions.

In his current initiative, he is driving Primacy Group into consolidating its prominent presence in Sub-Saharan markets, in addition to implementing diversification initiatives into the Middle Eastern markets. The focus areas include Agriculture, Heavy Industries, Engineering, Infrastructure, Mining and Services.

His stated vision is to lead the group into becoming a pre-eminent global enterprise, leveraging on the immense potential that Africa represents.

Chairman’s Message

The East African location is the host and the place of birth of the Primacy Group, where after a long journey of seven decades the company has grown on an exponential scale. Our faith and trust in the Africa region and its fellow community stayed unaltered and unbroken ever since, and as a result, there have been growing ventures into our various businesses.

Our policies are focused on increasing the standard of living of the people, which has always resulted in Primacy Group’s much-justified rank as a home honor in the businesses.

Primacy group has maintained long-standing relations globally with its partners, suppliers, and workers those we have thoroughly trained helped us to frame the success.

The people working in Primacy Group have demonstrated outstanding commitment towards work, the expertise and initiatives to accelerate the company and its business to raise the bar are the real pride of the group.

Our policies are in sync with the goals formulated as per the local institutions governing the local land, to support their programs on the employment, the development of domestic skills, the land local value creation and investments growth through foreign investors.

We ensure to build the large-scale industries in the local land, which includes the use of most recent technology to do the business, bring collaboration with international companies for execution in the local companies.

Primacy Group’s primary aim is to produce the sustainable and efficient use of the available local resources and to make the essential products affordable and accessible.

Primacy Group is established to lead the economy which enables Africa’s growth through our active contribution and participation.

We wish all our supporting pillars of our organization: our stakeholders – the local government, financial investors, our workers, suppliers, infrastructure technology builders and last but not the least our sincere customers globally, set the peace and growth for the future years to time come.

A. Vinaykant
Chairman, Primacy Group of Companies

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