Base Oil Industries

Primacy group extensively delivers all types of high-grade industry standard lubricants and oils covering the entire viscosity spectrum. But the group ensures the product to be delivered reaches the rendezvous at the specified time as discussed by the organization.

The group focuses on delivering all types of products in the oil industry and providing all needs of their customers across the world.

Primacy group supplies Group I, II and III base oils, “pale oils,” advanced additives, and finished lubricants and manage the supply chain in more than 20 countries. Our services include a very Fair price, professional business engagement, involvement in execution, and a strong determination to provide the best services on the market to our customers. Every customer is equally as important as the last. Primacy group gives all the clients the unique Customized Base Oil (CBO) Service. While delivering any products the group follows specific sets of ethics which includes: better quality of the product, appropriate assistance, reasonable charges, being professional in our act, staying committed through our actions, and a robust determination to implement the best services covering the market to our customer. Lastly, the group treats each customer with the same involvement and equally. Primacy group works hard to ensure their constant development in the market to extend their portfolios, enhancing further logistics through our supply chain systems and better storage methods by infrastructure.

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