Primacy Group

Primacy Group follows a very consumer-oriented approach for business, delivering the best quality products and services at the most optimal and affordable pricing.

Our corporate social responsibility program is focused on:

 With investments in infrastructure comprising Warehousing, Cold Storages, Factories, Workshops, Logistics Equipment, Transportation, etc…, Primacy Group has met the growing demand for the supply of quality products. Also establishing the group as an efficient and stable infrastructure for the optimal distribution of products, at the most viable business terms to its customers.

One of our key companies has had considerable success in handling essential products like Fruits & Vegetables, Spices, Grains, Rice, Edible Oil, Sugar, Building Materials, and many other products to various places in East Africa and other countries. Primacy Group has graciously stabilized many operations in base oil and other products on an Industrial platform. Shipping, Logistics, Engineering, Information Technology and Transportation are some of the many sectors covered entirely by Primacy Group’s services.

Our group has excelled in the global management in the field of trade, with successfully meeting continuous growing demands of quality supply of products. Primacy Group’s food division is one of the largest among FMCG Companies in Africa. The group employs a diverse workforce across business operations. Primacy group of businesses have made notable regional advances in various geographies. The Group has grown as a market leader; with the spirit of business in mind, it has generated interest in several industries of the local countries in Africa — Shipping, Logistics, Engineering, Information technologies, transportation, etc…

The predominant stockholders of Primacy Group have helped in founding companies in Industrial science and large-scale technology, medicinal study, cultural education, and the performing arts. The group also provides support and help to non-government organizations operating in the fields of teaching, healthcare, Life Sciences etc. Primacy organizations offer an extensive array of human welfare projects, particularly in the areas of our operations, and also extend sustainable trade ethics.

Our future outlook of the Primacy companies is:

Strengthening global companies that attempt to distinguish themselves into customer-centricity, modernization, entrepreneurship, integrity, and value-driven industry services while coordinating the businesses of various stakeholders that include shareholders, representatives and society at large.

Our Vision

To be a leader by pioneering successful and premier global practices; also playing a key role in attaining infinite potential in regard to Asian and African countries.

Our Mission

To enhance a society’s functioning and role, we work globally by long-term stakeholder profit formulation based on Management with Trust.

Our Values

Primacy Group has always inculcated a specific set of values across its organization, executed all over very firmly.

  • Be a customer-friendly and customer-oriented organization.
  • Carry highly ethical work practices across domains and functions.
  • Be known for our speed of delivery on all our customers’ business needs.
  • Imbibe a spirit of dynamism across the entire organization relentlessly.

Promoting honest and ethical behavior is the main aim of the code of ethics instilled by the Primacy Group for all its officers and employees, and it ensures compliance with laws and regulations.
Primacy Group has been relentlessly following stringent internal practices to ensure that the group’s various companies and organizations operate with the same ethics and morals as good corporate citizens in the respective jurisdictions.

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