Procurement, transportation, storage and stocking, and merchandising of commodities of mass usage in the most complicated jurisdictions locations in East Africa are some of the many areas of specializations of the Primacy Group. The support of strong system setup and a well-controlled demand stock management system has consistently ensured the market leadership of this group in several product lines. The group has been working high on spirits to include the integrity, ethical values in transactions for the past nine decades as a result of which the group is well reputed and has benefited, long and fruitful relationships with several organizations. Primacy Group ensures a system of fair trading practices through accompanied by customer retention as a result… Primacy Group stringently engages only with suppliers with global ranks in their position and reliability for ensuring stability and quality. Rice of various types, Grains which are non-GM, Sugar through the best of local, Edible Oil manufactured by natural methods without additives. The Fertilizers we supply manufactured at a low cost and better quality, Chemicals for industries, Steel and the Building Materials for the Construction industry. The Equipment’s for the construction companies are also some of the products delivered by the group in addition to the full range of other commodities of mass consumption.


The main focus on fair pricing and quality

 Primacy Group has followed a longer-term approach of increasing customer faith for its trademarks by concentrating on the quality as well as effective pricing and as a result of which this group has a market leadership position. The packaging of primary food articles into multiple brands set in a universal market was one of the most revolutionary concepts introduced by this group prior to this change, rice was predominantly just sold as “rice”. The rice sold by our Primacy Group is often regarded as the best in regards to quality and therefore is a leading consumer brand. Primacy Group, having a strict regime of quality and control, sources rice from Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, India and the US from the leading suppliers in the globe. Our Rice Mills and the Farming operations in East Africa are in association with global rank holders in the rice and rice products producing technology, which is an outcome of Primacy Group’s success. We believe the overall worldwide commerce demand will require an incremental addition by extra 35 points in percentage for the following ten years. Africa can drive in the market. the purpose of wherewith competing us can be among a few nations and whatever happens about commerce strategies.

Edible Oil

Primacy Group delivers high industry standard edible oil

 The primary source of edible oil for the group comes from Malaysia and Indonesia. After procuring edible oil, the group distributes it to the world market. Primacy Group has made the storage locations at strategic areas maintained as per the industrial standards. The worldwide food grade oil business is expected to observe a substantial increase owing to the growing demand of unpolished, unprocessed, fresh, and natural food consumption oil. The future years to come, plant oils with lowering cholesterol, fatty, and caloric values are likely on high demand as a result of more people shifting towards living a healthy lifestyle. Also, a significant increase in the local network, improving harvest yields, edible oil, and food grade oil stock, and growing markets are few of these salient factors encouraging the growth of the edible oil business globally. Moreover, the increasing prevalence of canola food grade oil, oils free from trans-fat such as the soybean food oil, and rising choice for virgin olive oil will push the edible oil market globally on the rise.

Chemicals & Fertilizers

Primacy group mainly lays focus on stability and quality

 We have an elaborate supply chain network from sourcing to distribution. The critical factor of our success is through timely supply of fertilizers to our customers. To ensure stability and quality and thereby achieve a good market share, Primacy Group has tied up with global players for distribution of fertilizers and chemicals. The chemicals such as the Soda ash, caustic soda, and water treatment compounds are some of the chemicals that the group deals with often for trade with small traders along with larger organizations. Primacy group aims to enhance agricultural activities by carrying out their fertilizer business with many local governments. The worldwide demand for different super fertilizers is demonstrating rapid growth across a former number of years. Around the planet, the growing need for food to serve the soaring community has compelled to advance produce yield using modern farming practices. The reason being the farm product that is achieved using traditional farming practices engage conventional composts is inadequate to assist the food commodity requirements. Aside from this, analysis actions and finances for the inclusion of new special manure is also improving the increase of single suit for each crop fertilizers business.

Building Materials & Other Products

Primacy group provides a wide range of products for selection to a customer

 Primacy Group has a separate unit to handle its construction materials as well as other products understanding the consumption demands in the building sectors and development in infrastructure. Glass, inverters, iron rods, waterproofing materials, deformed bars, roofing felts, diesel engines generators, and pumps, water heaters, sanitary wares, furniture, are some of the products delivered along with some other products. China, EMEA, MEMA, India are some of the countries the group procures the products and also few different parts of the globe. Spare parts of Automobile and oils used in engines are few of the goods we include and provide to our customers.

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