Engineering Products

Primacy Group Engineering Products division is among the leading companies in the HVAC industry that provides services related to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing, instrumentation, controls, building materials, process management, safety and health care. Our company has been serving clients from all around the world since its inception.

Primacy group Engineering Products division offers complete solutions to our customers by offering them quality products at competitive prices. The company’s main focus lies in delivering high-quality service to its valued customer base.

Our customer satisfaction is what drives us forward every day. Primacy Group Engineering Products division strives to be one of the best suppliers of industrial equipment and machinery worldwide.

The company believes in developing long-term relationships with its customers which helps us achieve success. This approach has helped us gain trust and credibility amongst our valuable customers.

Why Choose Us

At Primacy Group Engineering Products division, we understand your needs and work according to those needs. We also make sure that you receive only the highest-quality products and services.

Quality Assurance

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Our Products




Pressure reduce/relieve valves


Thermostatic Mixing Valves


Industrial Pumps




Electrical Equipment


Threaded Rods




General Consumables


Air Conditioning Systems


Slotted Discs, Angles, Channels, And MS plates


Expansion Valves


Brass fitting




Bib Taps, Angle Valves


Piping Fittings



Our Mission

To be an innovative supplier to our customers by providing them best value solutions at competitive prices. To achieve this goal, Primacy Group Engineering Products division has adopted three strategies namely;
We will focus on developing new markets and expanding existing ones. This strategy helps us to increase market share and expand into new areas.
Our commitment towards customer satisfaction ensures that they get what they want when they need it.
We strive hard to maintain good relationships with our suppliers so that we can offer better services to our clients.
We believe these strategies help us to become more successful than before.

Our Essence

We strive to be the most efficient company in the world. To make sure we stay ahead of the competition, we constantly review our operations and seek ways to improve them. But more than that, we aim to create a culture based on honesty, integrity and respect.
This isn’t just lip service; it’s reflected in everything we do. From the way we treat each other to the way, we deal with suppliers and customers alike. In short, we put the client first.
And because we care so much about our reputation, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and environmental protection. Our facilities meet strict requirements set down by government agencies such as Health and Safety Executive, Environment Agency and Trading Standards Institute.

Our Vibes

Primacy Group Engineering Products division has been into Engineering Products supplies for 20 years and has grown into one of the leading companies providing quality Engineering Products supplies. Combined 2 decades of supply experience in the Engineering Products industry, we pride ourselves on being able to cater for all types of supply jobs including domestic, commercial and industrial.

With an experienced team of highly skilled tradesmen at hand, we guarantee 100% supply job completion. Whether you require new installations, repairs, maintenance or emergency services, we offer competitive prices and exceptional customer service.

At Primacy Group Engineering Products division, we believe that great work is done through good relationships. We want to build long-term partnerships with our clients and ensure their needs are met. This means offering excellent value for money, delivering high levels of customer satisfaction and ensuring every supply job is completed safely and efficiently.

Our Promise

If you choose us, you won’t regret it. Because when we say “we promise”, we mean it. Every single day.
So whether you need some plumbing supplies delivered straight away or would like to discuss any aspect of your next project.

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